About Lets dance Pilates Studio


Lets Dance Pilates offers personalized Pilates. As a boutique studio, we are familiar with each and every client’s condition and alter exercises accordingly for them. We give personalized attention to every client and follow up on every client’s progress.


For private sessions, we tailor make the classes specifically for that client, depending on their needs, wants, fitness targets and health goals.


We work very closely with physiotherapists and chiropractics. We personally call them and discuss the client’s condition or injury and ensure that we do exercises to assist the rehabilitation process. We work together with the physio or chiro to maximize the healing progress.


We have had the pleasure of taking 10 women through pregnancy. We adjust exercises according to the client, depending on how they are feeling and what they are able to do, as each pregnancy is different. Each pregnancy is individually assessed and exercises worked out specifically for the client.

The studio’s history and background


The studio was started in 2005 with the name being derived from originally being more than a Pilates studio. Adult ballet, ballroom and Latin and Pilates were all taught. Debbi, the studio owner and founder, was aiming at introducing all sorts of dance and offering a wide variety of dance forms. Hence the name “Lets Dance Studio”.


Pilates demanded more and more hours, so the studio became “Lets Dance Pilates Studio” instead. Shortly thereafter the ballet, ballroom and Latin was dropped and the studio focused solely on Pilates. Debbi occasionally still teaches open wedding dances and has had the pleasure of teaching at least 11 couples their wedding dances.

Studio facilities


Lets Dance Pilates was the first studio in the Malanshof area and aside from the Pilates studio offers:


   * Secure inside parking for all clients

   * Separate change room and toilet facilities


The studio opens at 06:00 and finishes at 20:00 Monday to Friday. Visit the Pilates schedule for more detailed information on the classes.

Debbi, the brains and beauty behind the studio


Debbi’s been in the dance world since the age of three and worked for SABT as a volunteer, setting up ballet tours to the theatre for the scholars. The ballet and dancing background experience has assisted Debbi with the precision and discipline needed for Pilates. Debbi has been teaching for many years and has an established studio – Lets Dance Pilates Studio – which is quite well known in the industry.

Debbi’s credentials


Debbi’s credentials include:


    Pilates on the ball

    Kinetic Precision

    Pilates for Kidz

    Standing Pilates

    Cardio Pilates

    Pilates designed especially for neck injuries

    Neural dynamics for Pilates

    Marathon Pilates

    Spinal Isolation







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